Hi There! I’m Kristi

A no-bullshit type of gal who’s completely obsessed with email marketing and copywriting.

A born and raised sci-fi geek🤓, married mom of two spoiled rotten pups.

I help busy women entrepreneurs engage with their audience, build authority, and convert cold leads into sales through the magic of email marketing!

Does email marketing stress you out and make you scratch your head?

Do you get lost in a cycle of trying to figure out what to say, what opt-in to create, how to do it the “right” way? ðŸ¤·â€â™€ï¸



You’re overwhelmed and give up altogether.

At this rate, you’ll never make any progress with your email marketing.☹

🏧What is this extra time costing you?

This happens to every woman entrepreneur at one time or another.   

You keep hearing about the incredible opportunity of email marketing, but…

…you don’t have time to learn the tech, don’t know what to say, and you know there are techniques to use, but you don’t know what they are. ⌛

Imagine if you could…

…filter your clients into an email list you own in case Zuckerberg decides to shut it all down and you lose you’re following overnight!

…build authority in your field.

…focus on your zone of genius and stop stressing about your emails.

…spend more time with family 👨‍👩‍👧 and less in front of the computer screen.💻

….take advantage of the incredible opportunity email offers by turning cold leads into a list of warmed up buyers.

…create real authority and connection with your audience.

…convert more sales!

What the Heck Do I Know?!?

I currently help busy women entrepreneurs build their online businesses by generating more leads with email marketing. 📧

🧟‍♀️I’ve revived dead email lists from the ashes, transformed open and click rates, converted record-high sales, and turned email skeptics into believers.

Prior to focusing solely on email marketing, I spent 10 years working in the financial services industry and dabbling in blogging, self-publishing, and helping bloggers with search engine optimization (SEO).

This fine cocktail 🍸 of experience gives me a unique perspective on the world of online business.

Level Up Your Email Game 🎮

I work with all of my clients for a minimum of 3 months.

This allows us enough time to get all the way through my process and get real results.

This 3 step process allows me to really dig deep into your business, implement a customized strategy, and monitor the results.

1️⃣ Business overview, evaluation of current method, and quarterly goals🎯

Business overview and evaluation:

  • Current opt-in, list size, traffic, etc…
  • Who are your subscribers?  Research, surveys, and possibly interviews of who they are, and their fears, pains, and goals. 

Quarterly goals:

  • What you want to accomplish.
  • I start with a minimum of 3 months (1 quarter) because that is the minimum length of time we need to do a proper implementation, analysis of the results, and make any adjustments needed.

2️⃣ Identify touchpoints and strategize♟

  • Identify all the touchpoints (where traffic is coming from and how we can transition them into subscribers efficiently)
  • We want to shake hands and warmly welcome each person that comes into your subscriber list.  This warms them up for future sales and conversions.

3️⃣ Analysis and ongoing support🔬

  • Every audience is completely different, what works for some doesn’t work for others, we start with what SHOULD work based on past experience and adjust along the way to your specific audience
  • Reviewing open rates, click rates, and if we are meeting our goals.
  • 3 months minimum then we can discuss if it makes sense for us to keep working together.

👇This program is for you if you…

…want to engage with your audience in a deeper way.

…want to convert more sales.

…don’t have time to research, strategize, and implement your email marketing.

…have no idea what to do or how to do it.

…want to build relationships with your contacts.

…want to stop worrying about social media shutting down and own your future and your client list.