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Dazzling Your Readers to Keep Them Wanting More

How to write a blog post to keep your readers engaged and wanting more. These blog post structure tips will keep your reader engaged and awake. You don't want your reader falling asleep, do you? Find out how to keep them awake.

How to Keep Your Readers Engaged and Wanting More

You write blog posts all the time, you monitor your traffic with google analytics, but you can’t get people to stay on your site.  Your content is good quality and you know what you’re talking about, so why do you keep losing readers seconds after they click on your post?

What the heck do you do about it?

The way you format your posts is important for keeping readers on your site. I see posts all the time from bloggers that are so hard to read, it’s no wonder they lose readers so quickly.

We have more access to information than we’ve ever had before, so we spend less time actually reading through a well thought out article.

You can have the best content on the web, but if it’s boring and poorly formatted, no one will want to read it!

The good news is there are ways you can format your blog post to get readers to stick around.

Make Your Post Sparkle With White Space

Readers don’t want to suffer through long run on sentences and paragraphs that drone on forever. Breaking up paragraphs into 2 to 3 sentences is much easier to read through.  Sometimes even 1 sentence can be appropriate.

With the increased access to information with the invention of the internet, people consume an incredible amount of information, so they have the luxury of being picky about what they read.

Creating easy to read content is vital to the success of your blog!

Make Your Posts Flashy by Adding Subheadings Like This One.  See! Aren’t I Flashy?

Keep your topics to a maximum of a few paragraphs per subheading.  Most readers are skim readers who want to quickly assess your article by scrolling through to find the topics that are most interesting to them.

Readers will not read every word you write, they will skim through and pick out the topics they want to know and ignore the rest.

Breaking up your paragraphs with subheadings will give skim readers a quick idea if you know what you are talking

How to write a blog post to keep your readers engaged and wanting more. These blog post structure tips will keep your reader engaged and awake. You don't want your reader falling asleep, do you? Find out how to keep them awake.

about or if you are a total dullard.  Don’t worry, I know you aren’t.

Next time you read an article online, pay attention to if you are a skim reader or not.  I’m a skim reader.

There is so much stinky garbage content on the internet, so I skim to quickly find out if I can get value from the post before investing more time.

This will help you figure out what sort of articles you pay attention to and which you immediately move on from.

Try to break up your topic into as many subtopics as you can.

High Quality Content

Keep your ready happy with shiny, high quality content.  Don’t go on and on with filler just to add length to a post.  You will lose readers very quickly if they realize they are just reading fluff.

Your readers have so many options on the web, so give them a reason to choose your site over your competition. Don’t create ginormous posts just for the word count.  You are better off having smaller posts with better quality.

Don’t Be Boring

Add some flare to your post.  You want to be engaging and informative.

Try some of these techniques:

  • ask questions
  • use fun language
  • add in sensory words (check out this post about sensory words)
  • add personality to your post

Include a Call To Action

Tell your reader what the next step is.  You could ask them to leave a comment, or add a button that says “Buy my (insert awesome dazzling produce or service you are selling here” with a plugin to add buttons.  Like this one I made with the MaxButton plugin.



Add In Relevant Images

We are all children at heart.  We want to look at pictures and see colors. Add in interesting and relevant images to keep your readers eyes bouncing around your page.

How to write a blog post to keep your readers engaged and wanting more. These blog post structure tips will keep your reader engaged and awake. You don't want your reader falling asleep, do you? Find out how to keep them awake.


Pinterest Images

Pinterest is a visual search engine. If you create a proper Pinterest image that’s easy to read and visually interested, it not only ads images to your post, but it makes people more likely to Pin your post.

Once your image is in Pinterest, if it is the right size (around 600px by 900px is a good size), it will attract more attention than poorly formatted or square photos.

It will command more space and be more visible.

Make Some Lists

If you have information that can be converted into a point form list, this is a great way to please a skim reader.

  • It helps keep your reader interested
  • Lists are easy to consume
  • They are a great way to present quality content

If you can do a list, then do it.

Bold Important Information Throughout Paragraphs

If you have important information in one of your subheadings, bold it for your skim reader.

Basically, develop all of your content for skim readers in mind because most people are skim readers and want to get to the point right away.

Keep Your Language At a Lower Reading Level

Keep your writing to a level that the average person can understand.  This may surprise you, but most people read at a grade 8 reading level or lower.

This article from contently describes the reading level of all kinds of people, and how a lot of famous writers, like Ernest Hemingway, wrote at a much lower grade level in order to connect with their audience.

If you want to connect with your reader, keep it simple.

Keep Them On Your Site

Use a plugin like Create by Mediavine to make attractive links to other relevant articles to keep your readers bouncing around your site.  This will keep your reader bouncing around your site.

Your Content Is Not For You

Keep in mind you are writing content for your reader, not for you.  They don’t want to hear all kinds of information about your personal life, unless you have a lifestyle blog.

You want to connect with your reader, so depending on the topic, you may want to add some personal information here and there, just don’t go on and on about your life and how the information affected your life unless it is tightly relevant to prove a point.

Go ahead and add fun little blurbs about yourself, just don’t spend the entire article talking about yourself.

Test It Out For Yourself

Try implementing what I’ve recommended here and see if you notice a difference in how long readers stay on your page (also called your bounce rate).

Pin this today so you have it when you need it tomorrow!

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