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Should You Take Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K Freelance Content Writing Course Online?

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Should you take Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K freelance content writing course online?

Elna Cain is a highly sought after freelance writer who mainly writes content (blog posts) for big companies. (Find out more about in this interview.)

She’s got an impressive track record.

Your probably thinking, “She may be a good writer, but is her course full of fluff, or is it worth the money?”

That’s exactly what this blog post is about.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sloppily thrown together online courses. After 2020 happened, everyone and their brother is creating a course.

When you’re a brand new freelance writer, you don’t have the luxury of spending hundreds of dollars on “polished turd” courses.

You want to get RIGHT to the meat and potatoes.

Elna didn’t ask me to write this post.

I paid my own money for the course. It’s still one of the most value-packed courses for the price that I have taken to this day.

By the end of this post, you will be able to decide if this course is right for you.

*If you purchase from any link in this post, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I only promote products I truly believe in.

Is Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K Course For You?

Are you a new or aspiring freelance writer with little to no experience?

Whether you want a part time income to create some breathing room in your budget, or you want a full time income (like I did).

It’s created like a business in a box.

If you want a quick start, step-by-step guide to launching your freelance writer business, Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K Course is for you.

If you want to:

  • Create a writer website (and online presence) quickly
  • Put together a blog post
  • Find your first clients with a variety of strategies
  • Learn how to market yourself as a freelance writer
  • Have clients to find you
  • Onboard your clients
  • Follow the exact steps you need to get your business off the ground

It’s created with blog content writers in mind to help them make their first 1K.

The intention being that the first 1K is the hardest to make.

Once you have the basics down, and a good system, you can duplicate it.

How I Used Write Your Way to 1K (and My Results)

I signed up for Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K course in 2019 when I was preparing to leave my job.

At the time, I had started working as a virtual assistant and I wanted to pivot into writing.

>>> I found my first writing client using Elna’s techniques within a few weeks of signing up for the course.

I left my full time job in August 2019 to be a freelance writer full time.

My income at the time was made up of part virtual assistant income and part freelance writer income.

Because of Elna’s course I was able to offer my writing services to my existing clients and stopped taking virtual assistant clients.

Less than a year later, I was making more than my 9-5 job, exclusively with my writing.

I eventually pivoted into copywriting and I still jump into the course now and then to get some ideas, see what she updated, and get a refresher.

I have since taken more courses, but many of the techniques taught in Elna’s course are taught in other courses with much higher price tags.

How Is Write Your Way to 1K Different Than Other Content Writing Courses Online

I’ve been freelancing since April 2019.

This is STILL the course I recommend to new freelancers.


The course is underpriced given the quality of the content.

At the time of writing this, it’s $195 USD.

When I started my business, I made the entire cost of the course back with my first client within a month.

Many of the techniques taught in Elna’s course are taught in other content writing courses online that I’ve, but they have a much higher price tag.

What I Like About Write Your Way to 1K

I love so much about this course, but here are the qualities that really stand out:

  • The price is so low for an incredible amount of value
  • You can have your business up and running in only a few short weeks
  • I still refer to it more than a year later (as a full-time freelancer making more than I did at my 9-5 job)
  • The private Facebook group is full of former students ready to help
  • It gives you EVERY tool you need to supercharge your freelance business
  • There is NO fluff. It’s all value through the entire course
  • The step-by-step 30 day, daily action plan to get your business up and running <<< That is the juice that gets your business off the ground – knowing when, how, and what you should be doing in your first 30 days takes all the guesswork out of it

The course is split into small chunks.

When I was working full time, I would watch the videos and read the sections on my lunch break, before work, on my breaks, and anywhere I could fit it in.

What I Don’t Like About Write Your Way to 1K

I struggled to answer this question.

This course was (and still is) an incredible asset to my business.

The format was a bit frustrating to navigate.

As I jumped in and out of the course, it was hard to keep my place.

It would be best if Elna put a disclosure or warning on the first page of the course that reads “Make sure you go through every module before asking questions in the Facebook group.”

Many students jump into the Facebook group asking questions that are answered in the course.

It’s important to know before signing up that any business that you start is tough.

Many students don’t realize when you start a business, you will encounter rejection.

>>> You have to be okay with people saying no, not responding, and not liking you.

The course has some sections to prepare you for this mindset. I’m not sure if it needs more or if it’s just something you have to go through as a new business owner before you really understand it.

Where Can I Find Write Your Way to 1k Content Writing Course Online by Elna Cain?

The link below will bring you to the sales page that details everything that’s included in the course.

Should You Take Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K Freelance Content Writing Course Online?