Hire Me As A Virtual Assistant

Do you have all kinds of ideas for your blog, but not sure how to implement them, or what to do first?

Do you get really inspired to work on something, but can’t seem to find the time to do it?

I know how it goes. You have a million tasks to accomplish on your blog and no time to do it.

Have you put off hiring a VA because it’s going to be a huge pain to train them on the ins and outs of blogging.  There’s so much to learn!

Let me help you accelerate your success!

You’ve worked so hard, you can see the momentum building, but unless you make more hours in the day, or clone yourself, there’s no way you can get to where you want to be.

How hiring a virtual assistant can be a total game changer!

I could go on and on about how hiring the right virtual assistant can be a total game changer, but why not let my clients tell you instead. 

Ketogenic Woman

Hire a virtual assistant to help with your blog.


Tech Girl Help Desk

Hire a virtual assistant to help with your blog.


Born to Be Boomers

Hire a virtual assistant to help with your blog.


 East Coast Campers and More

Hire a virtual assistant to help with your blog.


What can I do for you and your blog?

  • Updating your old cringe-worthy content
    • Update for SEO optimization
    • Format for white space and skim readers
    • Keyword research on Google and Pinterest
    • Add in relevant sections with new keywords (either I find sections for you to write, or I can write them for you)
    • Add in relevant keywords
    • Update alt tags and meta descriptions
    • Create new images for social sharing and embedding old images
    • Adding affiliate links
    • Adding data pin descriptions
  • Pinterest help
  • Keyword research

You need someone who does quality work, understands how you as a blogger or small business need to get leads, build traffic, or get found in Google. 

Have you struggled to find someone who “gets it”

Here are some examples of before and after screenshots of a post update.

BEFORE – Turmeric Smoothie (Ketogenic Woman)

AFTER – Turmeric Smoothie (Ketogenic Woman)

What Anita from Ketogenic Woman has to say about this project:

My Amazon associate sales are double, adsense revenue is triple, pageviews have doubled. Updating old blog posts is tedious but well worth it.

You can benefit from my experience with:

  • WordPress
  • Canva and PicMonkey
  • Amazon affiliates and other affiliates like ShareASale, Awin, Commission Junction, individual affiliates, and more…
  • Tailwind
  • Much, much more

You want someone with training, don’t you?

I have taken blog post training courses as well as writing courses. See a list here.

Hire me today as your blogging virtual assistant to help you level up your blog.