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How to Make Money Blogging with Debbie Gartner

How to Make Money Blogging with Debbie Gartner

How to Make Money Blogging with Debbie Gartner 

Debbie is one of my go-to people for learning how to make money blogging.  She has an incredibly successful flooring blog and was doing blogging for the love of it for a long time.  Debbie decided to start monetizing, and I’m so glad she did. 
She learned all kinds of SEO skills and even wrote a few books on the topic of how to become a successful blogger. 
If you’ve ever asked the questions “Can you make money blogging?” then you are in the right place.  Debbie has proved that you can, in fact, make wads of it from blogging about something that might not seem like a money maker.  
Many people say the riches are in the niches.  Debbie has proven this theory. 
Her books can help you learn how to make money blogging and her advice here is a great add on to her books. 

1. How long have you been blogging?

9 years (2.5 years monetizing)

2. How many active blogs do you currently have? 

My main blog is where I blog about flooring, painting and home decor.

How to Make Money Blogging with Debbie Gartner

My new blog (which my friend and I just bought) is where I share blogging tips.

**Debbie asked me not to share the stats for this blog because they just purchased it, so the results do not reflect her efforts.  We both felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate until she’s worked on it for a while. 

3. What is your favorite topic to write about?

Flooring and painting. Love them both and they go together!

4. If you had to ramp up traffic on a blog quickly, what 3 things would you focus on first?

If it’s a new blog:
1) Pinterest and
2) SEO
That’s it! If it’s an established blog that does well, then
1) SEO and
2) Pinterest
That’s probably it, but if the question is about income then I’d add email and/or a product.
These are not major traffic drivers, but they can be highly profitable. In the beginning, they won’t be.

5. What has surprised you most about blogging?

How long EVERYTHING takes. Everything seems to take 3 times longer than I think it will.

And, if it’s something new, even longer than that.

6. What advice would you give a new motivated blogger to succeed quickly?

1. Focus…and I mean it – one audience, one niche, two traffic drivers (learn 1 at a time).
2. Focus on SEO as soon as possible – by month 3 at the latest.
3. Know that you will need to diversify traffic and income streams, but take it one step at a time. Leapfrogging is a recipe for disaster. You need a strong foundation.
4. Write about what your audience needs to know, not what you feel like writing about. Solve their problems.
5. Related, focus on topics that easily lend themselves to making money.

Debbie is a celebrity in my network because of her extreme success with SEO.  She’s written a few books that I highly recommend.  I’ve read her book, Easy On Page SEO for Beginners.  It’s FANTASTIC!!!!  Click on the link to get your copy. 

Debbie also has a book called Easy Backlinks.  As of the date of writing this, I haven’t read the last one, but my blogger friends all say it has great information.

7. What social media platforms do you like best and why?

Pinterest. Because it can deliver a lot of traffic (I get 200,000 pv/month from Pinterest) and acts more like a search engine so many pins will continue to deliver results for months and even years (unlike other social media which are fleeting).

8. Where does the majority of your traffic come from?

Organic/SEO traffic! The best type of traffic as it converts much better (i.e. makes much more money), lasts longer and is more passive.

9. How did you build your email list?

Just started 2 months ago, but already above 1,600. My largest driver is my FREE SEO course

10. What tools do you deem crucial to your success?

Not many. Google Analytics, Google Search Console (the most useful) and Tailwind. I occasionally use other keyword finders, but none are critical.

11. Have you taken any courses or read any books you think were incredibly valuable to your journey?

Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies, PotPieGirl’s Niche Post Conversion, Carly’s Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers and a few others that I got via GBTK over the years.

12. If you had to give advice to your newbie blogging self, what would it be?

I would have told myself that I COULD make money on my blog and that it would be substantial. If I knew this, I would have started monetizing much sooner. And, I’d be much further ahead in this part of the journey. (I’m super thankful though that I started learning SEO first and before anything else).

13. We are dorks in my household, so I have to ask, what is your favorite nerdy movie or book?

Harry Potter series (books and movies)…if that’s considered dorky. I view it as a mastery of creativity and success story, though. (I mean JK Rowling, not Harry Potter).

What Did I Learn About How to Make Money Blogging from Debbie Gartner?

Debbie is a very talented blogger.  She’s been blogging for 9 years, so she definitely has her blogging skills down, but once she learned how to make money blogging, that was a game-changer. 

My takeaways from Debbie are:

  1. Focus on SEO right from the get-go.  
  2. Be patient and try to focus on one thing.
  3. Pinterest can be very powerful.

I’ve done a few of these interviews so far, and it’s starting to sound like there’s an echo in the room.  

Every successful blogger has the exact same advice.  Be patient, focus on SEO, leverage Pinterest. 

If you want to earn extra money blogging, you will need some patience, but it is worth it.  

If you liked this post, leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I love hearing from you. 

Save this post about how to make money blogging to your Pinterest so when you need some advice, you can refer back to it. 

How to make money blogging with Debbie Gartner

How to make money blogging with Debbie Gartner


How to make money blogging with Debbie Gartner


How to make money blogging with Debbie Gartner


How to make money blogging with Debbie Gartner


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How to Make Money Blogging with Debbie Gartner

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  1. I just got Debbie first SEO book and will start reading it this week. I’m in month 3 of blogging. I enjoyed your interview and will remember Pinterest SEO and focus. Thanks

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