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How to Start a Food Blog with Anita Breeze

How to start a food blog with Anita Breeze

How to Start a Food Blog with Anita Breeze

If you want to know how to start a food blog, Anita is your girl.  

Anita and I have been friends for a long time and she’s been my mentor since day one.  She is incredibly motivated and talented.  

I’m always blown away at how much she gets done in a day.  

Anita has learned several ways to make money online, including selling bundles on Amazon.  She and her family work together to keep her working, keep her blog going, and keep her amazon business moving along.  

She is truly an inspiration! 

If you want to learn about how to make bundles and sell them on Amazon, she has a fantastic, and comprehensive, book on the subject.  

I’ve read it, and it is incredibly thorough.  

Get Anita’s Book HERE.

Anita is always working on something, and gets up at an ungodly hour and starts working before heading to her job.  She is a perfect example of how hard work, patience, and implementing new things all the time can be so powerful in business. 

She never hesitates to spend a bit of money on a course or a good ebook.  

Anita was my very first virtual assistant client. I absolutely love working for her.  

Get Anita’s amazon bundling book here

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started fooling around with blogging in late 2013.
I tried a few different angles until I settled on something I knew something about and had some passion for.
I had some early success on that blog, but then I took 2 years off when my Dad got sick and subsequently passed away.
I was actually going to sell my site but in 2018 I made the decision to keep it and focus on this one thing and ignore my other sites.
I made a plan and executed the plan over 6 months, pretty much doubling my traffic.

2. How many active blogs do you currently have? 

I have my food blog called plus 3 other blogs that are somewhat stale and inactive because I have been focusing on the one site.
*The following screenshot is from Anita’s Google Analytics.  She gets spikes in January due to being a Keto blog and everyone wanting to diet in January.  In May 2019, Anita was featured in Woman’s World magazine for one of her posts on the egg fast diet.  She only started tracking with Google Analytics in September 2018, so the history is short, but you can definitely see progress.  August is a slump for most blogs, especially diet related ones.)
How to start a food blog with Anita Breeze

3. What is your favorite topic to write about?

I love taking my old favorite recipes that my family loves and making healthier low carb, keto or gluten-free versions of them.
If they pass the family taste test they end up on the blog. I have zero training as a cook and my skills are questionable at best, so if I can do this anyone can.

4. If you had to ramp up traffic on a blog quickly, what 3 things would you focus on first?

(*Anita is a client of mine, in this answer, she is referring to our work together)

As you know, because you helped me do it, I did a formula of taking my Top 10 traffic posts and optimizing them for both Google and Pinterest.
  1.  I took my top 10 posts and added new keyword phrases, new Pinterest pins and circulated those with Tailwind and optimized the posts for SEO. Rinse and repeat for the next 10.  
  2. I had Grayson Bell do a blog tuneup, they got rid of older slow plugins and made recommendations for new ones.  I ended up switching to faster hosting. I believe that if your site is faster, that will increase traffic because people leave your site if it loads too slow.
  3. I researched some trending topics in my niche, found a couple of things that had little or no competition and wrote new posts.
Two of those posts started showing up in my top 10 within a surprisingly short period of time.

Want to know what Anita and I did to update her blog posts?  Check out this post and free downloadable checklist. Or scroll down to get the checklist for free. 

5. What has surprised you most about blogging?

I think the most surprising things to me has been the vast earnings potential.
When I got into it I knew I could make EXTRA money, I didn’t think I could ever make serious money.
Also the other thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many different ways there are to make money with a blog. And how much all those little things can add up!
When I got into it I knew I could make EXTRA money, I didn’t think I could ever make serious money.

6. What advice would you give a new motivated blogger to succeed quickly?

Invest in your blogging education. 

You will want to learn about SEO, Pinterest strategies and building an email list. Those things would be a good start.
Never compare yourself to others, you can waste days being in a slump and it still happens to me!
Make a plan and have a strategy to accomplish that plan.

Anita has read Debbie Gartner’s Easy On Page SEO book and Easy Backlinks Book.  You can read my interview with Debbie Gartner here

7. What social media platforms do you like best and why?

Pinterest is my favorite for the vast amounts of traffic it brings to my blog. And don’t get too hung up on making perfect Pins.
I spend time and money getting good Pins made and when I look at my Activity feed on Pinterest the regular Pinterest users seem to want to Pin my ugliest images!
But that said, having great Pins is good for Tailwind and group boards. I’m also really liking Instagram.
It doesn’t bring as much traffic to my site but it’s a different way to make closer connections to the people who follow you.
I’m not sure how that will pay off because I’m pretty new on Instagram but I think it will at some point.
I like Facebook mostly for connecting with fellow bloggers for learning and information.

8. Where does the majority of your traffic come from?

Pinterest followed by Google.

9. How did you build your email list?

I am very new, just started collecting emails in early 2019. (**Anita is being modest here, as of the date of this publication, she has almost 4,500 people on her email list and it’s climbing rapidly)
I use HelloBar at the top of my site so people can see it and sign up.
I use a generic newsletter signup at the bottom of each post and I am starting to add freebies to my site to collect emails that way.
I wish I had started this years ago!

I follow Tracy Lynn, she has a really good product on how to create lead magnets. Get a copy here.

10. What tools do you deem crucial to your success?

For the longest time I had basically no tools and did everything the hardest way possible (looking back).
My favorite tools right now are Hello Bar, ConvertKit, Create by Mediavine plugin for recipes and lists and Canva.

11. Have you taken any courses or read any books you think were incredibly valuable to your journey?

Too many to mention, I actually love eBooks! Favorite ones lately are Debbie Gartner’s SEO ebooks. (Easy On Page SEO and Easy Backlinks)
Tracy Lynn’s Subscriber Success opened my eyes to emails and opt-ins.
A few months ago I took a course called Adventures in SEO which really gave me some great perspectives on how Google and Pinterest see your keywords.
I bought the BC Stack for the first time recently and am working through those courses right now.
It’s ongoing, I’ll never stop learning new things!

12. If you had to give advice to your newbie blogging self, what would it be?

Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t give up. This is a long game.

13. We are dorks in my household, so I have to ask, what is your favorite nerdy movie or book?

I love all the Superhero movies. I also love anything space related and am really hooked on all the 50th anniversary of the moon walk specials on right now. Probably why I’m not getting anything done right now! For books I have read Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings all multiple times. And Pride & Prejudice at least 10 times.
(*Anita forgot to mention that she is a Trekkie as well.  We bonded over Star Trek early on in our friendship.)

Make sure to save this to your Pinterest so you can refer back to this incredible advice later.


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How to start a food blog with Anita Breeze