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Make Money as a Freelance Writer Online – Honest Review of Elna Cain’s Write to 1K Course

Make money online as a freelance writer - an honest review of Elna Cain's Write to 1k course

Make Money as a Freelance Writer Online – Honest Review of Elna Cain’s Write to 1K Course

I want to start off by saying that Elna Cain did not sponsor this post, nor did she ask me to write it.

She does not even know about it. 

The opinions in this article are 100% my own. 

I have paid my own money to take this course, worked through it, and had success.  

I believe in Elna’s course because I have seen results from what I’ve learned.  

There are a lot of people endorsing products and courses online who haven’t taken them.  

Every product, service, or course that is recommended on this site is one I have either paid for myself, or someone I have interviewed has paid for and recommends. 

I do, however, get a commission if you use my link to purchase her course.  This commission is no extra cost to you.

Who Is Elna Cain?

Elna Cain is a freelance writer and mom. 

She has several blogs such as twins mommy, Elna Cain, Innovative Ink, and Freelancer FAQs.

Elna started writing without knowing anything about freelance writing. 

She began where most of us start, which is something I love about her. 

And she’s a fellow Canadian.  (I love that aboot her! …see what I did there?)

She put her head down, worked her tail off and now she writes for big publications like the Huffington Post and Tailwind. 

She’s the real deal. 

Why Should I Take a Freelance Writing Course from Elna Cain?

When I decided to take my writing seriously, I jumped in and took her course. 

I had been reading the archives of her blog daily for about 6 months and I could tell she was very down to earth, and a pro at what she does.  

Her blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to take their time learning. 

Each post has tons of valuable information.  The problem with reading any blog is that it’s like building a house and having someone deliver the materials to you one brick at a time. 

If you aren’t in any hurry, or want to take your time building it, you can slowly collect what you need over time. 

Most of us are in a hurry. 

If that’s you and you’re looking to hit the ground running, taking a course is the way to go. 

Don’t want to keep reading? Skip the review and sign up for Elna’s course hereOr find out more about her in this interview with Elna. 

Why I Decided to Take Elna Cain’s Freelance Writing Course

I’ve been a blogger for several years, and I’ve been a VA for a fellow blogger friend a few times over the course of the last few years. 

I had also been an assistant and associate to entrepreneurs for the majority of my career.  

But I knew there was something inside me that needed to be let out. 

That sounds super cheezy, but it’s the truth. 

I’m a creative at heart and I was working in the not so creative field of finance. 

Any entrepreneur or business owner will vouch for me when I say we have this uncontrollable voice screaming inside our minds to let us out of the rat race. 

I had been working as a VA, specializing in blogs, for some time, so I decided to add writing to my list of services. 

I already knew how to write for the most part, but needed to know the ins and outs of the freelance writing industry. 

Why I Chose Elna Cain’s Course to Become a Freelance Writer

I found Elna to be incredibly relatable. 

I’m not a mom (unless you count my beautiful fur babies), but I am Canadian, a woman, and I can relate to her journey. 

She started by not knowing anything, and she did what all successful entrepreneurs or self-employed women do, she pitched and pitched and pitched and pitched… 

She networked. A lot!

She talked to everyone, she tried things to see if they worked and occasionally failed.

Elna was brave and she wasn’t taking rejection to heart.  On her blog, she chronicles parts of her journey like her first paid job, and how she painfully learned the lessons she needed to get where she is today.  

Elna Trudged Through the Mud so We Could Walk on Dry Land

Elna went through it all and came out the other side a successful, balanced, and down to earth freelance writer. 

And a good one. 

She’s an extraordinary writer, she’s honest and upfront about her life and her struggles, and she’s so genuine. 

She is the kind of person that I WANT to learn from and I WANT to give my money to when I’m ready to take a course.

She isn’t forcing it down my throat with email marketing, she isn’t charging an arm and a leg for it, and she even responded to every email I sent when I had questions.  

My Thoughts on Elna Cain’s Write to 1K Freelance Writing Course

I want to be 100% honest here. 

Please don’t think I’m just trying to sell you this course. 

Yes, I would love it if you bought it through my link, but if you aren’t ready, Elna has some amazing free resources on her site.

Keep scrolling if you want to find out how this course will pretty well pay for itself in a short time. 

The Platform 

I wasn’t a huge fan of the platform she uses. 

At the time of this writing, it’s on Teachable.  It’s not a terrible platform, but if I went through the course and then went back to a section I already read through, it wouldn’t properly record the sections I had completed. 

This became confusing as I bounced around the course.

The Structure

The structure of the course was well organized.  It’s broken down into small bite-sized chunks.

It feels like crossing things off a to-do list as you complete each section. 

If you’ve only got 10 minute breaks throughout the course of a day, you can sneak in a section here and there. 

Elna has it structured and written in a very easy to consume, and easy to understand way. 

There’s a mix of written word, videos, printable worksheets, fillable forms to keep track of things like pitching, and resources at the end that you can take away. 

You can continue to refer back to these resources for the rest of your career.  I still refer to them regularly. 

If you want a basic outline of the course and the steps Elna takes you through, download this free checklist.  

*Elna’s course has so much more information than this checklist provides. This is a basic outline so you can get an idea of what is covered in the course. 

The Information

Every single page of this course is packed with information.   

As someone who has some experience with blogs, I can say with confidence that Elna has set up this course so people at any level will get something from it.   

If you are a total newbie, you will have all the skills and strategies you need to get started after taking her freelance writing course. 

The Best Part of Elna Cain and her Course

In my opinion, the best part of the course is how she shows you EXACTLY how to find clients

She gives you the pitch, she walks you through how and where to find them, and what to say and do.  This was the most valuable part of the course in my opinion. 

She not only tells you how to find work, but she tells you how to find clients in many different ways. 

I implemented a few of them and I had clients almost immediately. Each time I want to drum up some more business, I use these tools to start networking again. 

She shows you how to network efficiently on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and more. She shows you how to warm pitch, how to cold pitch, and how to pitch locally.  

Elna even tells you how to price your work. 

Want to be a freelance writer by next month?  Sign up for Elna Cain’s Write to 1K Course here!!!

Should You Take Elna Cain’s Write to 1K Course?

This is up to you.  If you aren’t ready to spend the very affordable fee on this course, then start by reading her blog posts. 

I took this course and made back what I spent on it with my first client.  If you are serious about becoming a writer and want to hit the ground running, then take it immediately!

If you implement the strategies, the course pretty much pays for itself. 

At the end of the course, she even provides you with a step by step plan with the tasks you need to accomplish in order to be successful. 

This course is pretty much all you need to get started as a freelance writer.  It really is such a valuable course, I think it’s worth every single penny. 

Caution Before You Take This Freelance Writing Course

If you take the course, please make sure you read and watch everything she has to offer and implement the strategies. 

Do NOT partially read it and then go into the Facebook group and ask a million questions. 

I’m not saying don’t ask questions. I’m saying make sure you go through the entire course thoroughly.  The majority of the answers are there.    

The course has everything you need. 

I read through it several times because it is so packed with information, I couldn’t remember it all.  

Elna Cain Shows You How to Become a Freelance Writer for Hire in Only a Few Weeks

I strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a freelance writer. 

Elna’s course should be a lot more expensive than it is (shhh, don’t tell Elna). 

This course should be called “How to Become a Freelance Writer for People Who Don’t Have a Damned Clue How to Do Anything.” 

She lays it out so clearly and so precisely, you will definitely find clients. 

Follow the steps as they are laid out. 

You would have to be trying really hard to be terrible at your pitches in order to fail.

It’s that good! 

Pin this course review for when you’re ready to take it. 

Make money online as a freelance writer - an honest review of Elna Cain's Write to 1k course

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She has created a course that could easily be sold for twice what she is selling it for.

My favorite part of this course is that she breaks down the process of not only writing great content, but how to consistently get clients, and how to price out your work.

At the end of the course, she provides you with all the steps you need to take to get the ball rolling quickly.

I can't say enough good things about this course. Elna updates it once in a while and I often refer back to it for a refresher.

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Make Money as a Freelance Writer Online – Review of Elna Cain’s Write to 1K Course

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